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mak. - On My Way Home
mak. - On My Way Home

mak. – On My Way Home | Temporal Beauty

mak. (AKA Markus Bergström) is a Swedish musician and producer who uses words to express himself best. His understanding of the spatial-temporal sphere is admirable, to say the least. His ability to express himself is also another quality that is so rare to find in people. mak. has a very eclectic approach to his music, thus not being able to classify it as any one kind of genre.

On My Way Home is a great example of this. The song starts off as something that sounds very Electronic, but once mak. starts singing you’re moved into this Indie Folk kind of vibe that reminds me of Bon Iver for some reason. However, there’s also a Psychedelic element to the song. Moreover, the track goes ahead and breaks into a Pop sequence that seems to really have me gripped. I love mak.’s lyrics. They seem to come from a very personal space that I feel privileged to hear. I love the chorus sequence because everything about it is absolutely wholesome. I can’t help but think this should go on the next FIFA soundtrack. It’s just one of those vibey songs that belong there.

I think that more people need a little more mak. in their lives. Why not jump on the train going his way now? There’s so much talent just brimming from this brilliant artist and I, for one, am here for it!

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