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Philip Good – GOOD GIRL | Heartfelt

Most music is classified by a genre label, which gives you a peek into what you will be listening to even before you begin. Singer and songwriter Philip Good, from Nashville, transcends genres with his songs which are a diverse blend of pop, country, r&b, and hip-hop music. Best known for his releases, ‘Chance’ and ‘Let me in, my lady’, the artist is back with a chill track titled, ‘GOOD GIRL’.

Philip’s vocals appear just three or four seconds into the track after a smooth country guitar progression. Similar to the intros of some hip-hop tracks, he engages the listener with the theme by describing ‘good’ girls through his conversational vocals before the verse kicks in. With its lightly percussive guitar melody and soft drum beat, the song has a very relaxing groove. ­­

“She’s a good girl who always keeps it real, and cuts me in the deal, and tells me how she feels / Her looks could even kill, her kiss could seal the deal, my wounds are all healed.” – Philip’s lyrics complement his passionate and sultry voice. The part when the bass comes in adds just the right amount of weight to the melody, making the song that much more heart-warming and pleasing to listen to. 

Philip’s impressive songwriting skills are evident in each and every one of his releases. His career thus far has seen him release more than 15 singles since 2020, and his diverse style of music is sure to appeal to a wide audience, so do check him out!

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