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Marigold Ingot - Dial Tone
Marigold Ingot - Dial Tone

Marigold Ingot – Dial Tone | End of the tunnel

Dial Tone by Marigold Ingot is a charged bluesy tune. Tangled in the heartbreak, it discovers walking on that dangerously thin line between recovering or relapsing altogether. The chorus forms the core of the song with a melody that is all-encompassing, especially when joined by Marigold’s fearless and uninhibited vocals.

The Philadelphia-based artist has spent decades performing on-stage — acting, singing, and dancing. A true performer, she knows the art to capture the audiences’ breathe. She energizes what she produces with the same sass and flair, true to her identity and experiences. Perhaps this is why the song Dial Tone feels like an opera ballad. It is dark and sinister, yet there is a desperation in the singer’s vocals that could only keep her from freedom for so long.

The song is lyrically sound, exploring a well-known human phenomenon but offering a fresh take with a fresh sound. The music has many layers, from the metronome to the bass drum to the piano, to even the resounding background vocals. Structured with the high points on the chorus, Dial Tone is constructed for someone who can deliver solid vocal ability with full panache. And as you’d expect, Marigold Ingot’s got just the talent for it.

Listen to Dial Tone by Marigold Ingot:

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