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Us4 - Tears of a Clown
Us4 - Tears of a Clown

Us4 – Tears of a Clown | Fleeting

There are few debut tracks scattered across the vast discographies on streaming services that manage to capture the attention of a potential fandom. More importantly, there are even fewer to which one would find themselves coming back to after the first listen.

The debut music of Irish pop/indie rock group Us4 is one of these groups.

The Birmingham-born Ireland-based four-member band make their entrance onto the scene with the release of their debut track Tears of a Clown. Characteristically inspired from the pop-rock/avant garde indie rock sounds of the genre’s frontrunners such as Wolf Alice or The Libertines, Us4 represents a mature juggling of multiple soundscapes into one track without making it overtly experimental.

With a four minute runtime and available also in acoustic version, Tears of a Clown manages to capture the multitude of emotions inside a fleeting feeling — particularly in the hushed and sensual vocal performances that complement the guitar-based indie rock math-rockish time signatures.

The track ushers into itself a sense of finality — marking a rush towards an end of an Autumn-ish feeling. Laden with delicious and introspective synth waves, tasteful drum loops and sweltering vocals that are not afraid to pull each string of your heart to make it sing, Tears of a Clown becomes one of our favourite debut tracks of the year. 

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