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Foundry Town Survivors-Mississippi Rising
Foundry Town Survivors-Mississippi Rising
Foundry Town Survivors-Mississippi Rising

Foundry Town Survivors-Mississippi Rising | Valley Revival

Birthed from the folk chords and melodies of the Valley, Foundry Town Survivors are focused on making simple music. Their new single is called Mississippi Rising, which is a great track with live instruments singing praises for nature, especially with the band providing harmony with their vocals.

From the rich sound that dominated Tom Petty & the late 60s/early 70s generation of musicians, comes the sound of this band. Is it complex? Nope. Is it layered? Yes. It is layered with the simplest elements, making a melody memorable. Like the first time you heard a Beatles track or Petty’s Face in the Crowd. Mississippi Rising is all those elements that were once prime fodder for the audiophile, but got lost along the way. Survivors seems like an apt suffix for a group reviving that style of music.

This track is featured in their new self titled EP. You should hear it if you love these simple melodies, or sometimes just miss them. The timbre of the whole song has a warmth that almost makes you forget the doom scenario they’re describing. The least you can do is raise awareness about the climate changing with your art. As this transcends what fate our and parallel species might see, it makes sure you continue to enjoy the little things. Foundry Town Survivors want you to create a better world, something we can look forward to. Like this beautiful music.

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