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Bryony Purdue – Vexed | Seasoned Craftsmanship

Bryony Purdue‘s latest EP, “Vexed,” incorporates a classic feel while still imbuing it with her individuality. The three tracks on the album sound so very consistent and have a lot of variety in terms of melody. Bryony Purdue’s vocal performances in the songs are so passionate and attacking that they truly strike you in the gut and make the experience so memorable. Bryony Purdue, a powerful vocalist based in London, has a classical education and is well-known in the London cabaret scene. Her skills and experience helped to elevate the musical concepts, which is likely why the songs have such depth and will stick with us throughout the seasons.

To start, the album commences with the title track, “Vexed.” The passion with which the music begins quickly draws you into the mood. The songs are lyrically oriented, with great care and effort placed on songwriting, and the arrangements nicely compliment the fervour with which the lyrics are performed. The chorus establishes itself right away in the beginning, alerting the listeners to the track’s attitude. In terms of production, the shakers keep the atmosphere energetic, with fat massive drum tones and bass expertly filling in the gaps. This guaranteed that the song’s intensity remained continuous throughout, keeping the audience interested till the climax. The improvisations towards the close of the song ensured that the song ended on a high note, which also served as a fantastic starting point for the next tune, dynamically.

Mordern Man” begins softly and gradually draws you in. The emotional explosion begins to engulf you. The song’s title was one of the first things that drew my interest. It’s fascinating to see how the composition brilliantly articulates the concept while revealing the storyline of the song. The chord changes have such a powerful influence on the mood that they actually intensify it. The drums are on full show at the bridge, yet they gently build until ultimately arriving fully, and you begin to groove to the music. The piano’s performance is soul-stirring because of how smoothly it shifts its significance in the song. Vocals remain the major driving force.

Going Nowhere” begins with a fantastic rhythm pattern that is brought full circle in the chorus. This is most likely one of the most intriguing arrangements I’ve encountered recently. The song is noteworthy because of its simplicity yet unique use of the instrument. Not only was the arrangement gorgeous, but the unison texture and how organically it reached its climax nicely maintained the suspense. As the piece nears its conclusion, the vocal harmonies and layering have a big impact. The album was created with a great deal of enthusiasm, which is evident in every aspect, from the lyrics to the arrangements to the mix, everything was done with great care and attention to detail.

Vexed by Bryony Purdue, I’m hoping, will be well received by melody fans. The songs have something for everyone, and I hope that everyone, regardless of genre, hears and enjoys them. The richness and quality with which the record is created should be encouraged and recognised by listeners, and it should motivate a lot of aspiring musicians to pay attention to the smallest elements.

We also had the opportunity to discuss with Bryony Purdue, who provided some fantastic insights into the origins of her record’s concept, her songwriting process, and many useful recommendations for new artists. So there you have it.

The term “Vexed” piqued my interest. How did you come up with the concept for the album, and what was the composition process like?

About 10 years ago, I watched the film ‘Black snake moan’ with Samuel L Jackson and Cristina Ricci in it and there is this scene where there is a horrible storm and Samuel L. Jackson and Cristina Ricci are forced to stay indoors while she ‘drys out’ from some serious substance abuse. He pulls out a steel lap guitar and plays this blues number ‘black snake moan’ to soothe her or distract her and it is profound. I felt this song coming out of me so I ran through to my room and recorded the first line of ‘Vexed’ and built the rest of the song around it but always feel like it has power in it because it came from the blues and was such a spark moment. It’s also a great word to sing and feels like a little expression of power every time I sing it. On ‘Modern Man’, I was very much focused on the work of the charity CALM who support men struggling with poor mental health and you can definitely hear that in the lyrics. It’s always a challenge to try and distill massive experiences in details and that’s what I love when I hear great writing. Going Nowhere is about my first love and being seventeen with no concept of what time means and that amazing sense of surrender I think we can lose as we get older and more jaded.

The arrangements appear to be extremely promising, and they complemented the song’s structures well. In terms of preparations, how did the creative process go? Do you have any fun stories you could share with us?

Recorded at JBJ Studios with Jamie Brown at the helm with production is (he also due credit for co-writing and playing keys). Conor Mangan played Bass and Guitar and Steve Wattis is on Drums. Niamh Sanders recorded all the Violin parts and Cristina Cooper-Puebla all of the Cello lines and they also added in a lot of their own suggestions for the lines they played. The whole band behind the sound are wonderful musicians and the sound wouldn’t be as good as it is without them. Getting the lyrics right was the longest part of the process because I really hate predictable or super contrived lyrics so I kept changing my mind but can’t imagine any of them any other way now!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you come from a classical school and training background, so how much do you believe it influences and helps your songwriting? Could you perhaps stress the necessity of thorough musical education?

I do indeed. Songwriting-wise, I think the most useful thing I’ve done in terms of education is on stage. I sing with bands and am now part of a great band called B&TB, where we play Jazz and triphop and at lovely London venues and it informs you so much how things play to crowds and feel to sing/work as a band arrangement so it’s been great. My classical background was immensely helpful in exposing me to tonnes of music, how instrumentation/voices/orchestration changes the feel of things so I am super grateful for that background and would encourage everyone to learn and listen to as much as possible. The classical world is still pretty elitist and the greatest way to use the internet is to learn stuff free that’s otherwise super inaccessible so I’d encourage aspiring musicians to use it as much as possible.

Is there anything specific about your album “Vexed” that you’d like to emphasise for us, your listeners?

The story behind Modern Man is really close to home. Help is needed for young men to support their mental health and if everyone made an effort to teach boys that being open and vulnerable is OK from a young age, a lot of the problems for everyone in society would begin to be solved.

Tell us about your upcoming releases and plans for this album. Can we also expect any intriguing collaborations in the near future?

This EP is what got my current team interested in supporting me and I have written so much since and it’s all a little more raw and a little more indie and I feel it’s more mature so I am hoping this EP release generates some interest and we can get some funding and label support to make the new stuff as good as it can be (BIG ARRANGEMENTS!)

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