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Star 2 ft Lil Poppa - Real Life
Star 2 ft Lil Poppa - Real Life

Star 2 – Real Life | Revelation

Born in a Thai refugee camp, Star 2 moved from Burma to San Diego at the age of 5. Star 2 was introduced to music at a young age by a musician uncle that lived with the family. His fourth single of 2021, Star 2 just released his new track called Real Life, featuring Lil Poppa. The essence of rap lies in the struggles of the artist and the way they express it through their rhymes. It is pretty evident with Real Life that Star 2 puts his heart and soul into his music.

The song features a trap beat with piano instrumentals that really lift the atmosphere of the track. This track reminds me of early Lil Wayne. Star 2 and Lil Poppa hype and complement each other throughout the track. I think the line that really gets me is when they say, “I’m from a place where you hear sirens all the time..” Under the music and the rap, the verses really puts into perspective the “Real Life shit” that have defines people’s lives.

Real Life adds a new dimension to Star 2’s discography while staying true to his style. Real Life is definitely an addition to your rap playlists. It will have you grooving and feeling at the same time.

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