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Alíco-Gabrielle | Furious Heartbreak

Alíco is a duo that could have had a very different outcome, musically. Their lyrics are of high-school sweethearts and heartbreak, stuff that The Beatles & The Byrds used to write about. They might be inspired by them, but are sailing in vastly different oceans. Their single Gabrielle is a pop-punk smasher, which begs me to ask the question, Machine Gun Kelly who?

Gabrielle is lyrically like many other songs. Way too many. We’ve heard blink-182 do them, and we’ve even heard Green Day cave in. What makes Alíco different in many cases is their approach to their personal treasures. Their musical sensibilities display a punk rocker by heart, aloof and cut off from the morphed reality the majority enjoys. An infatuation sets in, and eventually disappears like a wisp of smoke. Instead of whining about it, they release a rocking single, perpetuating the fury as melodic incentive and pushing forward to create a display of purpose.

They might not be shifting something new in the pop-punk category overall, but Alíco know their energy is infectious, and also are right in assuming people will heave a sigh of healthy relief hearing mirrored displeasure crafted so well. They are really a duo to watch out for, their single Monica & We Don’t Love Each Other Anymore are just as zealous and creative.

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