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Sahara Beck - Kryptonite
Sahara Beck - Kryptonite

Sahara Beck – Kryptonite | disco-pop

Queensland based singer-songwriter Sahara Beck is back with her new single, Kryptonite. Driven by upbeat pop and hard-hitting synths, Kryptonite is a decadent indulgence that will keep giving. Groovy and smooth, this track has that familiar unplugged feeling that makes you feel like you are in the montage of a coming of age movie.

Having just released her single Crave Me, Beck has received radio support across the globe including influential stations such as Flux FM Germany; Indie XFM Los Angeles; Radio Doble Nueve Peru; 2XM Ireland; Radio Alternative Rock Brazil, Radio One India and ZFM Netherlands. Sahara was also featured on ASIA POP 40 as the #AlternativeChoice. Kryptonite comes off the back of her International collaboration with Purple Disco Machine. 

Kryptonite is characterized by Beck’s dynamic vocal range that varies from powerful to soft. The accompanying music is a succinct combination of what feels like 70-80s electronica with carefully placed synths. Kryptonite gives you all the disco vibes you could ever need. Sahara Beck’s Kryptonite reminds me Lorde, Icona Pop and gives me hints of Lana Del Ray.

She also reveals that, “I realized I was doing a lot of awful things to avoid feeling and processing what I was going through at the time. Instead, I was always dancing, smiling, and attempting to make other people happy.” I didn’t want to take anything seriously because coping with it would be too difficult. Then you realize you’re slowly dying yourself by falling in love with the things that are slowly killing you.” It’s a tremendous message for a pop song, and one that’s easy to overlook on first hearing since Kryptonite sounds so happy, colorful, and joyful. Sahara has always had the ability to transform pain into joy and vulnerability into awe.

Sahara Beck has this incredibly attractive and seductive power to her voice that just draws you in every time. This quality combined with her unique taste and sound makes her the fresh pop sound that we are constantly looking for. Kryptonite is an indulgent, pop song that I will be tuning into this year – I might just bring in the new year with the vibes that Kryptonite brings.

Don’t miss out on it.

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