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Reardon Love – Purple Hearts | 80s War Story

The alternative/indie band, Reardon Love, recently released a new single titled, ‘Purple Hearts’, which incorporates a World War II theme. Using elements of rock music from the 1980s and a modern electronic touch, the song explores the plight of the wounded and dead in war.

The song begins with a bright melody played on the keys over an energetic drum rhythm and some accompanying electric guitars riffs. They sing about the spoils of war in a slightly bizarre manner, considering the theme of the song doesn’t really match with the vocal delivery style. As the track progresses, an upbeat chorus with two-part vocals takes center stage and transitions into a very pop-like vibe. The upbeat rhythm and groovy guitars set the tone for the catchy chorus melody and transport you straight to the dynamic and lively atmosphere of the 80s.

A Purple Heart honors the great sacrifices made by a service members in line of duty and Reardon Love, in their own artistic way, have done the accolade justice. Its flawless transitions and rich background vocals keep you captivated until the very end with its spot-on instrumentation.

Reardon Love have been putting out music since 2019, and this is their fourth release since then. One of the things that makes their music unique is that they always tell a story about unconventional topics and their sound is an amalgamation of sounds both fresh and familiar. In light of the fact that the track deals with something critical, I encourage listeners to take a listen and stay tuned for more music by the British band in the near future!

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