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Minas – Foreign | Solid Thrill

Minas‘s new track “Foreign” is a banger. The entire composition is built around a highly harmonically rich progression, which immediately defines the atmosphere, and the passion with which the single is delivered pushes the mood to another degree. The groove is really tight, and the pumping effect makes it impossible not to groove along with it.

Cardiff-based, Athens-born James Minas is a producer, performer, pianist, writer, and other things. Minas grew up in the circus with parents who were highly involved in the 1980s Punk movement, then transferred to a secondary school in the Welsh Valleys, where he experienced boredom and misbehaviour. Minas’ goal is to make music that is full of wrath and impact, but that also ends with an empowering feeling of optimism, which is something we all need right now.

The song begins with a powerful progression that seamlessly transitions into the verse. The voices are delivered and processed with such force that it shakes you to your core. The synth lead was extremely appealing, and the way the filter opens up to the Piano portion gives emotional richness to the soundscape that leads to this psychedelic vocal production section. The bottom tone is extremely tight, giving the groove an added punch. It all sounds very thrilling.

Minas’ current song incorporates elements from numerous genres, which he interprets in his own unique way, and his work stamps his personality on the music, distinguishing him from his competitors. Foreign sounds highly intriguing for listeners to groove around to, and the increased dynamics in the tone pull you up, and this quality can be something the listeners will enjoy and appreciate.

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