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Jesse Grossi - Moments of Fire
Jesse Grossi - Moments of Fire

Jesse Grossi – Moments of Fire | Nostalgic 90s

Jesse Grossi, a California-based singer-songwriter and musician brings nostalgia with his music. His ability to recreate and paint a picture with his music that makes you reminisce that old sound is incredulous. He uses a lot of warmth and tenderness in his music. The music makes you feel safe; comfortable. The Los Angeles-based artist is simply breaking boundaries with every release and you can literally map his growth as an artist that way!

Moments of Fire is such a groovy track that will unlock memories for you 90s kids. There’s something about the track that reminds me of artists like Matchbox Twenty and Radiohead. It’s possibly the instrumental and how orchestral it feels. The guitar arpeggios that play throughout are so addictive, but the rhythm section is infectious with how hypnotic it is. However, Jesse Grossi absolutely kills it with his vocals. The vocals cut through the mix cleanly, giving it a complementary wholesome feeling. Additionally, the synthesizer really adds depth to the whole track in terms of percussion and counter-melodies.

This track has me reliving memories in real-time. I think my favourite part is the bridge where Jesse Grosssi switches the vocals up a bit but keeps all the elements flowing freely. It’s like this crescendo that leads you to the end with the guitar strums and a little melody on a synth. Overall, I’d say that this track is definitely worth your time.

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