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Kami Kehoe – LOVESICK | Stunner

LOVESICK,Kami Kehoe‘s debut song, is a knockout. The rhythms will just sway you to dance. The vocal delivery is excellent, and the arrangements perfectly compliment the lyrics. The incredible voice productions just add to the overall ambiance. Aside from being upbeat and lively, the song’s composition also reflects how she characterised her experiences with unhealthy relationships. She had given up hope of ever falling in love. Though the tone appears to be one of emotional agony, the strong beats clearly depict that such conditions do actually make you stronger and that combating such vulnerable circumstances requires fortitude.

Kami Kehoe, a Las Vegas-based musician, blends contemporary and traditional soul to create a sound that transports you to another world. Kami has created something indisputably remarkable with her soulful, distinctive singing style and ability to construct a sound that bounces between genres. Kami has been playing the drums since she was three years old, after being introduced to music by her parents. She quickly developed an affection for the guitar, which carried her through her teen years, when she spent several years performing in a band with her siblings. Her music has a distinct flavour to it, combining R&B and Pop influences. I’m confident that listeners of many genres will like this match.

Kami Kehoe’s writing has the ability to connect with a large number of people. She makes every effort to ease the listeners’ distress and assure them that they are not alone at this challenging moment. This aspect in her writing distinguishes her as original and honest, and it represents her individuality in the songs by imprinting her personality. I am so excited to hear such wonderful music.

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