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Indigo Daydream-Life Might Not Be Real
Indigo Daydream-Life Might Not Be Real
Indigo Daydream-Life Might Not Be Real

Indigo Daydream-Life Might Not Be Real | Surreal Daydream

There are several moments that can be defined as miracles. It is an overused term now, but I would like to call it an unexplainable consequence. Rising from that seemingly intangible randomness that plays with our concept of time and space comes Indigo Daydream. His latest single is called Life Might Not Be Real, and there are plenty of reasons to feel that way. Especially after listening to this sonic spiral.

Indigo Daydream has a fantastic, harrowing story to how he came about making music. It is in his words on his Spotify bio, so I’ll let you take a minute to read that. Now that you’re up to speed, we might be able to suggest that this is an influx of superhero energy. Anyways, that is what his track sounds like, a surreal Salvador Dali come to life.

With several inspirations, Indigo Daydream makes his own sketch to pour color into. The track has Tame Impala vibes, especially from the beginning years. The swirling, dwindling synths crash around like waves in your cranium, while more plausible guitar strums keep you within the clasps of “reality”. The track has a perfect name for the sound situation created and the artist does a great job painting a picture of what he sees for us.

He’s just getting started by the way. He has more tracks on the way, and a release, Enter the Indigo Daydream. It is psychedelic symphony with powerful, captivating sounds. I could not endorse any artist more, for the music and the work they do. He also has great work going on parallelly with an NPO, so head over to his Spotify bio and get blown to smithereens with his story and sound.

Anyways, listen to his track as this might all not be real:

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