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Cris Cap, Tyla Raé – Like a Rose | Gracious

German RnB artist, Cris Cap is out with his third single of the year titled, “Like a Rose”. As a versatile composer, singer and instrumentalist, who often mixes pop with jazz and soul, Cris works with various musicians to create mellow, easy-to-listen songs that have a calming vibe. On his latest track, he collaborates with singer Tyle Raé and talks about the uncertainties of relationships through relatable lyrics and gentle melodies.

“Like a Rose” begins with a warm piano over which Tyla’s soothing vocals take centre-stage. Accompanied by minimal percussions and a soft kick that sets the rhythm, the track progresses smoothly between the verses and has a certain tenderness to it. The title refers to love as a rose with petals and thorns that symbolize the ups and downs of relationships. – “Your love is like a rose, I treat it kindly and make it grow Your love is like a rose, I love your petals and all of your thorns”

  • Q1Together, the vocals of Cris and Tyla make for a soothing track with a calming vibe that is a pleasure to hear. What inspired the lyrics of this song?
  • The lyrics of “Like a Rose” are inspired by the ups and downs of relationships. Long-lasting relationships are not easy to keep. The only way they will work out is to learn accepting all the thorns of your partner next to the beautiful blossoms and learn to deal with them. It is something that we all have to do if we want to stay together with our loves.
  • Q2 – What would you like listeners to take away from “Like A Rose”?
  • First of all: enjoy the uplifting music! Bathe in the harmonies and take a warm shower in this vibe, just like the rose in a summer’s rain! And also: Calm down and get into an introspective mood. Try to live with the thorns AND the beauties of the blossoms in your life. Even if it takes a lot of work, humbleness, forgiveness and patience. 

Cris and Tyla take the listener on an introspective journey through the 3:25-minute-long track that features soft instrumentation and lush harmonies. Though there aren’t a bunch of elements cluttering the mix, it does seem like each instrument combines with the other to form a delicate atmosphere that combines with the rhythm to carry their melodious vocals. An excellent production!

  • Q3 – Throughout the track, there are some pleasant melodies and instrumentals. Can you explain your song-writing process and how your ideas are developed into a full production?
  • I always start with writing lyrics, which is also the hardest part for me. I try to focus on emotions and moments of my own life and experiences. I have kind of a scratch-book with ideas where I write down things that really matter to me. In the moment I have some phrases developed that I really like, I will sit at my Rhodes or Grand Piano playing and starting to sing over some harmonies. If I find the perfect moment, a new song will be born! This is always magic! Next step would be working on a drumbeat. From here the journey continues over some weeks adding and cutting things and parts, recording and muting live instruments. My favorite instrument at the time is my Rhodes. It is a 1976 Mark I model and I rely more and more on it with my arrangements. Such a thrill! Then of course recording the final vocals is crucial. In the end I will take some more weeks for editing, finding sounds, mixing and making everything beautifully perfect. 

This is Cris’ fourth single release, and all his tracks are collaborative projects. Working with female vocalists has helped him create a certain contrast in the overall tone and makes his music all the more colourful. With their heartfelt lyrics and fine singing, Cris and Tyla have created a stunning composition that you could enjoy over a cup of tea on your balcony!

  • Q4 – This is the second track on which you have collaborated with singer Tyla Rae, and it seems to be going great! How has your experience been working with each other so far?
  • Tyla is wonderful. I love her silky and shiny, soft voice. She catches my musical ideas so perfectly and transforms them into her own world, adding so much more sensitivity and delicacy to the songs. She is part of the London R&B scene where she joins a lot of collaborators. I also love her spectacular arranging skills when it comes to recording backing vocals and harmonies!
  • Q5 – If you had the chance to perform this song with one of your inspirations, who would it be and why?
  • My biggest dream at the moment is that one day – after having released many more songs – I can go on a little tour with my own band together with Tyla Raé or Anna Teers (who sang my previous singles “Brighter Day“ and “Glitter and Gold“). This will not be easy to arrange but I will hold on to this dream!

Cris’ refined sound has come from years of experience in the field as an instrumentalist and singer. His solo project has only recently begun and I feel he has a lot more music to share with the world. “Like a Rose” is yet another addition to his discography and I’m looking forward to hearing more!

  • Q6 – Do you plan to release more music in the near future? I’m sure the fans are eager to know!
  • My next song “Say Yes“ with Junior from L.A. is in the making and almost finished. It will be released this Christmas time or beginning of 2022, we’ll see. For next year I am planning to write more songs that I will sing myself, maybe including some duets. Happy looking forward to this!

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