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Anaté – Confessions | Exhilarating

Indie-pop duo, Anaté take you on a journey of self-discovery on their debut album release, “Confessions”. While primarily influenced by downtempo, their latest album showcases a variety of genres that combine to create their signature sound. Singer-songwriter Ana and producer Andrea started collaborating after meeting in Brussels in 2019, and they have been recording music together ever since.

Confessions Tracklist

One Last Time

The album opens with a slightly dark, hard-hitting track that features Ana’s powerful vocals. One Last Time has an emo-goth-like charisma that comes from the shadowy atmospheres and emotional piano. A top-notch production that is bound to keep you intrigued for over five minutes.


Rio is introduced with an upbeat acoustic guitar riff and has a whole new feel as compared to the opening track. With melancholic melodies and captivating guitar leads, Anaté shares with us just how versatile their music can be. With “Confessions” taking on a new hue, it appears that the album is going to be packed with surprises!

First Time

Track number three has a cinematic feel to it initially and seems to be a good fit for a dramatic movie soundtrack. Ana sings about the emotions that are evoked when someone falls in love for the first time in a ballad-like song that comprises lush strings, guitars and a few electronics – “One year went by without us knowing, knowing if this thing of ours is wrong or if it’s right, between us two the distance’s growing and like a fool, I have you stuck on my mind.”


The loudest track of the album, so far, features vocal chops, powerful drums and a killer bass. A very intricately produced track with a lot of ear candy along with a strong vocal performance makes Confusion the most exciting track of the lot!


Ana’s vocal expertise is best showcased on 3am, where she delivers sultry lyrics in a very absorbing way. A mix of alternative pop fused with modern smooth jazz (kinda like a female Michael Buble) makes this stand out from the rest of the tracks. It’s amazing how Anaté uses a diverse mix of sounds on this album to evoke a range of emotions. – “Taking my time while you speed up the tempo, a vertigo, I can’t let go keep me close to your body and undress me slow, undress me from my thoughts, undress me from confusion”.


Anaté dials down the tempo a bit with Flow – a smooth, modern ballad song with a lot of electro-pop influence. The fusion of the acoustic drums with the wide synths and bass creates a captivating atmosphere. In addition, the guitar instrumentals seamlessly flow between the different sections. My favourite track of the album yet!


Back with gripping atmospheres and minor chord melodies, Nonsense has dark lyrics that revolve around vertigo and I must say, Anaté has done an excellent job capturing the feeling. – “In and out a vertigo, falling deep in ever after, what a fool of a soul, what we hide or what we know, heart bound echo of a laughter, grows the further we go.”

Too Far

Introduced with a synth arpeggio and a deep bass, track eight is very low-end dominant and Ana’s vocals are quite strong right from the start. With strings, keys and a few effects, the transitions are tight and exciting. In addition, the interludes feature haunting melodies that are dark and riveting.  A suitable downtempo track for introducing any dark-psy set!

Evil Twin

As the name has evil in it already, you might already know what to expect since the album has a lot of goth-like songs that fit in that vibe. With an engaging chorus melody and captivating beats, Evil Twin is very dynamic in its instrumentation that leads to a gripping listening experience.

The Entertainer

“Confessions” ends with a piano-driven track called The Entertainer that showcases a blend of exquisite guitars, melodic strings, slow drums and a few synthesizers. In light of the journey the nine songs have taken the listener on, this song seems to be a mixture of the acoustic and dark-electro moods on this album. I think if the album has to be introduced to someone they should start with The Entertainer because it features an eclectic mix of all the songs in a fascinating way.

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