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Band Spectra - 1980 ft Olgubenga
Band Spectra - 1980 ft Olgubenga

Band Spectra – 1980 ft. Olgubenga | Sci-Fi

Band Spectra offers to the listener an adventure through nostalgic thrill, while also presenting a meticulously planned futuristic soundscape.

Robert Manning’s brainchild Band Spectra maintains the upward slope through their discography with the release of their latest track 1980, making in their second track dropped this year and the fourth addition to Spectra’s list. In an interesting collaboration with Nigerian singer and DJ Olugbenga, 1980 manages to not restrict itself to each genre presented in the track, but instead revels in a unique meshing of these genres to produce a unique sci-fi-esque journey through the soundstage.

The track is characterised by its futuristic synth instrumentations akin to the production of artists such as Isao Tomita, coupled with the lyrical inclinations towards a very neo-Bowie ambience that fits into the crunchy bass-boosted brass and blues-rock vocal performances. 1980 offers a gentle Rhythm and Bluesy sway alongside a tickle towards the listener’s imaginative prowess, making it a track that listeners can truly personalize to their individual contexts. Alongside Pillar & The Moon, Thule and Pigeon, Band Spectra is a remarkable project that continues to deliver, exceed expectations and promises to contribute significantly to the genres of space opera. 

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