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The Miller Test - Dead Blue
The Miller Test - Dead Blue

The Miller Test – No Venus Moves | dark nostalgia

Having been together for over a decade, East London based band The Miller Test just released their second album, Dead Blue, and we are all here for it. No Venus Moves is a song on Dead Blue and is characterized by the dreamy, immersive vibe that The Miller Test does so effortlessly.

No Venus Moves has a groovy rhythm that drives the song. The vocals segue in soon and bring with it a dreamy Doors type vibe. It starts off with catchy, 80s-inspired percussion rhythms accented by bright, clean-toned electric guitar chords and staccato leads, until the bassline enters the mix to put the tune into a relaxed groove. Their music, like we see in No Venus Moves, contains deep, well-written lyrical passages. These vocals are emphasized by reverb-laden electric guitar riffs, while dynamic backing voices harmonize wonderfully throughout the track.

The Miller Test has the 80s pop-soul essence combined with bleak observations written into smart lyrics, all while converting them into groovy, pulsating pop hits. I think my favorite part of The Miller Test is the faded out, dreamy vibe they have. The vocals have this hollow effect to them that makes it almost ominous, in a good way.

We look forward to seeing more vibey, groovy music from the Miller Test.

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