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Karen Harding – Anxiety | Void

Music has always been an influential part of singer-songwriter Karen Harding’s life. The Melbourne-based artist began studying piano and taking singing lessons at a young age, which led to her developing as a musician and performing artist. Her latest release, “Anxiety” is a genre-transcending track that has an interesting sound and is bound to keep you intrigued throughout the listening experience. With mellow yet strong vocals over a range of electronics, Karen creates a sonic space that’s really unique and translates her story in her own signature way.

Usually, people like a piece of music because of the connection it makes and the feelings it evokes in them. From pop to rock to RnB and hip-hop, there are a number of genres that songs can be classified into, but Karen breaks those barriers and creates her special sound with this track. She sings about anxiety and attempts to convey the feelings that accompanied her experiences.– “I feel like I know you so well, and why does it feel like I fell? What is it that you see, this gravity is taking me / It’s anxiety that’s taking me..”.

What’s interesting about this track is the instrumentation. With only a few electronic synth plucks and minimal percussion to drive the slow rhythm, Karen’s melancholic vocals are highlighted and shine through. There’s a lot of empty space in the frequency spectrum, apt for the topic of the song considering the emptiness someone going through the experience feels. Her writing is beautiful and the slightly haunting vibe of the track goes well with the lyrics.

Karen’s previous releases, “I Didn’t Realise” and “I Heard Somebody Talking” are piano-driven tracks that have a similar mellow vibe and it seems she went with a fresh sound on her latest release. With three releases in 2021, Karen is looking to diversify her sound and I’m sure she has a lot more interesting music on the way!

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