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Contact Light - Glitter
Contact Light - Glitter

Contact Light – Glitter | bright

Contact Light is a three-piece Indie-Pop/Rock band from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. They consist of three members being vocalist, guitarist, and engineer Joseph Lantonio, guitarist and bassist, Tyler Deal, and drummer, Steven Hoehl.  Contact Light just released their second single, Glitter.

A quintessential indie pop song, Glitter is characterized by subtle vocals and the guitar and drum work. Glitter also reminds me of early 90s-2000s indie Brit Pop. The song also features a strong synth sound that really adds a new dimension to the mood of the song. Contact Light is building up a cohesive and fun soundscape for their debut album with these two singles. Glitter also progresses into a fuller pop rock sound.

Glitter remind me of indie pop bands like Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy and Weezer. Glitter is a great song to jam out to and has a big coming-of-age energy to it. While the song does give me a some nostalgia, I think the synth additions really give the song a modern edge. Glitter is one of those songs that you listen to in passing and spend the rest of the day trying to hunt it down.

Contact Light definitely has more cool music coming out soon! Don’t miss out on them.

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