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Cadz – Take You Anywhere | Upbeat

“I just think I’m overdosing on some good strong oxytocin” – Cadz

Magic City resident, Cadz, released an alternative pop track titled “Take You Anywhere” recently. An eclectic mix of hip-hop, reggaeton, r&b, and electronic music characterises the Miami singer/songwriter’s funky, catchy and confident up-tempo music, which is both exciting and empowering.

“Take Me Anywhere” beings with a funky bassline and a beat progression that has a lot of bounce. Cadz’s vocals are somewhere between rap and conversational delivery, which makes his lyrics come across more emphatically. The track explores his introspective journey of self-love through playful and reflective lyrics – “Cause when the night is starting and the drinks are getting strong, don’t tell me what I cannot do, cause baby you’re so wrong”.

Cadz draws inspiration from artists like Harry Styles, Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion for his energetic, feel-good tracks, which would fit perfectly at a beach party, or any club/pub scene. As the title suggests, he also sings about being in love with someone in such a way that you want to take them along for an emotional journey and experience as many things as possible along the way. – “I Can take you anywhere, hold my hand I will take you there, not a place but a feeling / that’s only if you cared, you got me intoxicated.”

A highlight of this track is when Cadz switches from English to Spanish mid-verse. He writes music in a distinctive way that keeps the song alive with a sense of excitement and I think that’s what will make his song stand out from the crowd.

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