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Antisolar - Do We Tremble at Night?
Antisolar - Do We Tremble at Night?

Antisolar – Do We Tremble at Night? | Heavenly Escape

Antisolar‘s newest single, “Do We Tremble at Night?” is a breath of fresh air. This is a song that you must quietly listen to and let the melody wash over you. The Nylon Guitar portions add to the excitement and add an aspect to the music that makes it unforgettable in your mind. The song’s atmospheric elements are excellent. The music has the capacity to draw you in and may lead you down a path of profound reflection. The music has an immediate effect on you. Antisolar is a band formed by Olivier Raynal of Paris and Andrew Doolittle of Los Angeles. Even before they decided to form Antisolar, they had been writing and working on several projects and sessions.

“Do We Tremble at Night?” begins with a gleaming bright and lovely nylon melody line that is well complimented by the subtle percussion aspects in the sounds design, which is my favourite section of the production. The well-balanced blend of guitars and, in particular, percussion patterns, considerably improves the mood. These delicate arrangement ideas never interfere with the lyrical passages, which are maintained so pure that you can appreciate the song’s great lyricism. The framework goes so smoothly, and the seamless changes improve the listening experience significantly. Antisolar appears to be a highly exciting idea. Their songwriting talents combined with arrangement ideas make their song very appealing, and the composition has the capacity to testify for themselves about the quality of work.

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