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Olivia Kuper Harris - Luvtrovert
Olivia Kuper Harris - Luvtrovert

Olivia Kuper Harris – Luvtrovert | Madness of the Mind

Luvtrovert,” a new album by Olivia Kuper Harris, is a monster. The quirkinesses in the title were the first thing that grabbed my attention. The theme is not only creative and original, but it also makes sense when read in sequence. Olivia’s unique approach to integrating classic sound with a fresh new chill vibe is evident in her compositions. Olivia doesn’t seem to be straining to develop her own voice. She is forthright in her writing, which leads her to discover new sounds that might easily be blended into what she is trying to communicate to you. With such an expressive use of labeling her song, she effectively summarised the song’s purpose. Her clever, brilliant ideas have completely impressed me.

With some vocal melody and pretty vocal harmonies, the title track “Luvtrovert” delightfully introduces us to the album’s premise. Her writing is concise and gracefully delivered. Moving rapidly to the album’s following track, “In My Head |lust |,” clearly simply print across. You’ll be swept into the song’s enticing soundscapes by the song’s beautiful mesmerising chords. The groove is fluid, and the smoother transition just adds to the enjoyment of the song till the very last second. The lines fell perfectly on the chorus, and the composition was flawless. The production has a lot of movement, and the steady rises and dips are perfect for the song. The rising pad sets the appropriate tone for the tune.

Wetted | sex |” begins with a catchy guitar riff in the second second. The vocal performance’s dynamic emotions are top-notch, and the tight rhythm pattern simply connects and holds the music together. The harmonies provide such a smooth transition from verse to verse. The bass line becomes the track’s edge, giving it a powerful punch. With the vocal delivery, the lyrics are so beautifully highlighted. “Summer Between Us |love |“, on the other hand, has traditional R&B/Soul traits. My mind is blown by the seamless ad-libs. The ambiance is instantly set with the Lo-fi chords. Some clever analogies allow the songwriting to convey the song’s purpose right away. The structure is in perfect working order. The drums and bass keep it even tighter. The song will undoubtedly trigger sense of love.

The final track, “You Love Me, So What? | respect |,” sparked my interest instantly, and as you listen to the song more closely, you’ll notice the swings in the beat that, in a manner, divert your attention to the words. The extended verse adequately communicates the idea. You’ve already picked up on the mood by the second verse, and your attention is now directed completely to the song’s lyrics. Furthermore, the vocal performances’ dynamics keep the audience’s attention until the very last moment, leaving you wanting more.

Olivia’s Luvtrovert has been a fantastic ride. Her songwriting sounded absolutely amazing. She conveyed the songs’ concept with so much clarity and simplicity. I’m hoping that the songs’ intent will resonate with listeners, and that they will enjoy Olivia’s passionate writing.

Enjoy listening to Olivia Kuper Harris’s latest EP “Luvtrovert” on Spotify!

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