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Jordan Bakewell – Get Funky | Flavourful

Get Funky,” Jordan Bakewell‘s latest track, has an enticing musical palette. The layers sound not just like different Instruments, but also like influences in the manner they’re performed, which might be aspects from a variety of genres. The sound of “Get Funky” may immediately evoke memories of Michael Jackson’s funky bass lines. The rhythm is robust, and the synth bass plucks add even more strength.

Born and raised in Leicester, Jordan Bakewell is a young aspiring singer/songwriter with exceptional vocal abilities. He hopes to spread his captivating tones and melodies through the growing UK music industry, which is currently having a favourable influence. His distinctive soundscapes and musical concepts draw you in right away. With remarkable comprehension and control, he produces a vivid curiosity in the minds of those who listen to his beats, which could potentially lift you up or settle you down.

Producers who are just starting out could take away some of the arranging suggestions for improved flow and friendlier transitions. His mastery of synthetic tones and ease with their application is noteworthy, and he employs them with great insight. Despite the fact that the music is multilayered, it never seems crowded. The excitement is maintained throughout, and the songwriting is extremely good. The song’s groovy tones will make listeners happy. People will appreciate dancing to the robust bottom end, which will add that extra oomph. Jordan Bakewell deserves a lot of credit for his dedication and enthusiasm in creating a tremendous soundscape that demands a lot more attention.

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