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ÆVINA - Daily Dose of Danger
ÆVINA - Daily Dose of Danger

ÆVINA – Daily Dose Of Danger | spooky

ÆVINA, just released her second single of 2021 called Daily Dose of Danger. The New York-based singer and songwriter that has a deep passion for the arts and is exploring new horizons with her latest singles. The new unplugged, indie-pop sounding track is the perfect song for fall and for Spooky Season.

Daily Dose of Danger features an eerie drum beat that segues into ÆVINA’s vocals. The music in the track is very minimal instrumentals that consists of a synthesizer, guitar and a piano. The piano is the percussive instrument in this track replacing drum, which was quite interesting to me. The instrumentals form sort of a tinny, eerie vibe which find its perfect pairing with the sultry, seductive vocals by ÆVINA. Creating

Really passionate about how art intersects with her life, ÆVINA has produced a very carefully curated soundscape that lets you escape into. This song reminds me of The Girl in the Yellow Dress by The Gilmores and Secret by the Pierces. ÆVINA is definitely exploring pop and electro-pop soundscapes with her music and is a welcome surprise every time!

Spooky Season might be done, but vibes are still in the air. Put on Daily Dose of Danger by ÆVINA and go off to wonderland. Don’t miss out on this beautiful track.

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