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Louisa Maria – Not Haunted By You | Fusion Pop

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Louisa Maria from the art capital of the UK, Bristol, is all set to release her new pop single titled, “Not Haunted By You”. Formerly, she was the front-woman for the power rock trio, Tequila Mockingbyrd, and now she has launched her solo career, releasing original material that has been well-received both nationally and internationally.

The 3:14 minute-long track, “Nothing Haunted By You,” features groovy beats, sultry vocals and an array of exciting electronics. Louisa sings in a playful manner, reminiscent of danceable pop songs from the 2000s; especially in the chorus – “Not haunted by the past anymore / Not haunted by you anymore, it’s true / Not shivering, not trembling”.

Mostly driven by the slightly crowded drum beats that act as the heartbeat of this energetic track, synth fillers and other percussive textures make for most of the soundstage of “Not Haunted By You”. Furthermore, the song also has a short bridge section where the dynamics change significantly, giving some room to the final drop, which I must say, hits wonderfully! Louisa’s structured the track in a way that will leave you singing the hook-line non-stop after just one listen.

Combining powerful pop vocals and reggaeton beats, Louisa has created an original sound that can be directly identified with her. She released an EP titled, “Tea For Two” that features six lively pop tracks, and I’m confident she has a lot more appealing and exciting music for her fans in the future.

It was a pleasure talking to Louisa about her release and here’s what she had to say!


Q1 – “Not Haunted By You” has engaging lyrics and infectious melodies! What inspired you to write this track?

After going through a break up from a long term relationship of 6.5 years, I had gone the last 15 months writing in my opinion soppy love song music..! I heard the track ‘Kiss My uh oh’ by Anne Maire on chart hits and to be completely honest I fell in love with the cleverness of the song structure the pop production. I wanted to create a similar type of vibe and resonate with other women that might share the same feelings as me. I started putting some beats down as I bought a brand new sample pad. The Roland SPDSX – I got this for my loop set so I can trigger the beats live and play along with my keys and synth. I started writing the song late August into September and the theme Ghost/Not being haunted by my experience just came to life.

I also moved into a big manor house in the summer and it’s somewhat scary at night- I think this had a role to play! I wrote the first lot of lyrics in my bedroom while a thunderstorm started!

Q2 – What would you like listeners to take away from the song?

I want this track to empower women – for me, it was my emotion that I could never say out loud to anyone else. I felt that this song Finally had Everything I wanted to voice. It may be very literal but sometimes you need to Spell it out and be heard. I think other people that have had similar experiences of not feeling valued in a relationship would be able to use this track to express that.

Q3 – Your singing style is powerful and quite unique! Who are some of the artists you admire that have shaped your music creation process?

I used to be involved in the Rock Scene a lot and certain vocal influences like Alanis Morissette, Alanah Myles come to mind. I do love Beyonce and also artists more pop-orientated such as Dua Lipa, Anne Marie. 

Q4 – If you had the chance to perform “Not Haunted By You” live with only one artist, who would it be and why?

I would love to perform this with Anne Marie – as her song started off this whole vibe for me – that’s my number one choice.

Q5 – What advice do you have for upcoming singer-songwriters who are just starting out in the industry?

It’s your journey and you have to live it. Things will not always go to plan and you have to be OK with the idea that in life Nothing is certain. Once you accept this – your career is what you make it and the people and experiences you have and meet on the way are just stepping stones and usually Great times. Embrace the lifestyle and that everyday will be different.

Q6 – You’ve mentioned that this is the first track from your upcoming EP that is set to be released next year. What has the experience been like, recording and writing new songs?

Oh wow – yes my experience this time around has just been manic in terms of.. I’m so impulsive with ideas. I have a surge of inspiration and then go times without any. It’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve really learned though recently that I need to sit on songs for a bit and let them sink in. Sometimes the sound in your head isn’t the one coming out sonically. This is what I’ve mainly been trying to hone and since the beginning of 2021 I’ve decided to begin recording a lot more on my own to get more ideas down.

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