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Daydreams Jack Swing
Daydreams Jack Swing

Jack Swing – Daydreams | New jack of all trades

Jack Swing’s Daydreams is an emotive, expressive track which uses the instrumental arrangement and melodies to all the talking. The genre-bending composition fuses genres ranging from rock to funk to hip hop to soul. As suggested by the artist’s name, Jack Swing is delving into the fairly young genre of New jack swing. Pioneered in the 1980s and popularized in the 90s, it was popularized by icons like Teddy Riley, Keith Sweat, and later by Michael Jackson. Observed for its creative hodge-podge of aforementioned genres, the track Daydreams has a soulful contemporary take on New jack swing.

The band Jack Swing is a three-member rock outfit based out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Indeed, their rock composition is what is most remarkable about the song Daydreams. The song’s sonic structure smartly allows for instrumental solos to be the highlights – the prechorus as well as the chorus. The song features that quick witted funk beat that gets you shaking without realizing it, and the opening takes you back to disco days — as does the prechorus instrumental.

Furthermore, each verse offers a different set up and emotional interpretation. This is thanks to the composition as well as the lyrics working together. The first verse is playful, but the next one seems to get a bit more sentimental. However, the chorus with its recognisazble guitar riff keeps it lighthearted. And the tumultuous bridge offers an embrace of passion with its incredible play of drums against the electric guitar.

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