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ASSASSINS-Believe | An Aftershock

The thrilling aspect of a time capsule is the metaphor of it being able to hold a certain period of time. Open it a century or so later, you see the condensed equivalent of pop culture that dominated the world at that time. Why do I give you an unnecessary introduction passage instead of telling you about the artist? ASSASSINS are a band that have recently escaped a time capsule. They belong to the best decade for rock music-and that’s where their new single Believe belongs. Top of the charts.

ASSASSINS are a group that were active from ’81-’89. Like I said, old school. Most of you reading this, weren’t even born when these hard shelled rockers were belting out songs and making people shiver with the goodness of rock. I wasn’t even born till 8 years later after they were disbanded, and I’m supposed to be critiquing their music. Fortunately, my snobbishness was dissolved immediately after the guitars kicked in, so I’m all praises.

Resurgence with rock

Born from the power of the electric amp and the purity of the riff, Believe is the musical equivalent of a resuscitation. If this band was hibernating, it doesn’t seem like it. They rise like a phoenix at a time where rock is making a rebounding renaissance, and lead with kickass energy and a stupendously fun song.

The Melbourne rockers bring on some classic rock vocals, no unnecessary decorations around. Instead of wasting time talking about time in that last paragraph, I should have written more about how they’ve reminded me of a time I would have loved to have lived through. The soft start and close is something only seasoned rockers know how to craftily weave through, and ASSASSINS do it.

To get more of their music, check out their EP Confidence from 2019 & Substance from last year.

Listen to their track Believe here:

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