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Andrew Michael Meador - Pride
Andrew Michael Meador - Pride

Andrew Michael Meador – Pride | Experimental Hip-Hop

Andrew Michael Meador is a musician, producer, and songwriter in Chattanooga, TN. From jazz and electronic to indie and alternative, Meador draws upon his eclectic personal tastes for inspiration. We see this eclectic, fascinating taste also come out in his newest album, Pride. A combination of indie, pop and rap, this album is definitely something one would be proud of. Having 6 songs and a 12-minute run-time, Pride also features multiple artists like Jas Baldwin, Quantel, DeVries, Anna Wood, Jones, Jiana, DjDee, 423 Blizz, Gallery Cat and Michael “Arche” Twitty. While the album feels experimental, it still has a cohesive flow.

The first and the last tracks of the album, Even the Greatest and A Fall and A Dive respectively, could be compared to bookends. They set the mood for the whole album. Even the Greatest features Andrew Michael Meador and Jas Baldwin. The song is an intro to exploring the ideas of pride and the negotiations of one’s self. This 40 second track features Jas Baldwin’s beautiful, strong vocals that hook you onto the album.

The second track on the album, I Want It All features pop artist Devries and rapper Quantel. The song opens with DeVries’ powerful voice declaring the title of the song. The sultry voice is complemented by Quantel’s verses which are accompanied by strings. I Want it All is an absolute bop.

Ghirdorah, the next track seems to be inspired by Ishirō Honda’s 1964 film Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. This track features Andrew Michael Meador, Quantel, Anna Wood and Jones. This song gives me an early Eminem vibe.

The titular song Pride features Andrew Micheal Meador, Jiana and DjDee. Pride is characterised by some beautiful, seductive vocals by Jiana and well-executed by DjDee. The song is such a vibe in itself. The vocals and the beats are immersive and have created an atmosphere to get lost into. You will find yourself grooving the minute Pride comes on.

Andrew Michael Meador, 423 Blizz and Gallery Cat flip up the vibe with Look At Me. While 423 Blizz comes at you with a hardcore, groovy verse, Gallery Cat takes a more indie vibe with the verse. Whichever one you prefer, you’ll be hanging on to every word they say.

The last track on the album is called A Fall and A Dive by Andrew Michael Meador and Michael “Arche” Twitty. The track doesn’t have any accompanying music but is a spoken word piece that explores the rise and falls of lives – correlating to the larger theme of Pride and Humility. The piece reminds me of the myth of Icarus and is a great ending to the album. It leaves you with a call to action.

Andrew Michael Meador really pulled all the stops with this album. From curating and collaborating with local artists and immaculate production, Pride explores so many vibes and forms of music in the expression of the same theme. Pride is not only a great listen, but also an interesting one. Meador and his ear for writing melodies and fearless approach to composition catalyzes the album into a piece of art.

Don’t miss out on Pride by Andrew Michael Meador.

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