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Wrash Heed - Juice and Gin
Wrash Heed - Juice and Gin

Wrash Heed – Juice and Gin | Foot-tapper

Nigerian singer-songwriter and artist, Wrash Heed is back with yet another killer EP! Serving us with Juice and Gin, this EP is a cocktail of his killer vocals and ever-enticing afrobeat. With 6 songs and 15 minute run time, Juice and Gin is the ultimate mood setter. The EP begins with the warm and heartfelt track All in. The track is a well paced piece that is your stepping stone to saying All In to the dance floor. Wrash Heed’s smooth pop vocals and harmonies really start out this EP in on a good note.

Pepe, takes on more of a low-key vibe that focuses on the beat. The strings in the background really bring out the syncopated, almost lofi-pop vibe of the song. Credibility follows on similar lines as Pepe, where the strings take little more prominence. The beats in these two tracks are very laid back and chill. Credibility as a track has a more unplugged vibe than Pepe.

Jenbe also takes on after its two predecessors with the unplugged, low-key vibe. The vocals in this track really play around with the beat, especially with the harmonies. The background choral vocals really enhance the beats and the rhyme scheme of the vocals.

Location changes it up with a heavier afrobeat. The vocals on Location have more pop vocal riffs. This track seems like the truly instrumental one out of the whole EP. While the vocals are not the highlight of the song, they really complement and emphasize on the variation and character the beats bring to the track.

Problem is the perfect combination song for all occasions. It is lowkey and slow-paced if you want it to be, but also has the potential to really change the atmosphere to a more upbeat vibe. The song focuses on more playful rhyming and lyrical breakdown. We also see Wrash Heed push his vocals to new heights. He combines the choral vibe of Jenbe with his Afro-pop sensibility to deliver an understated masterpiece.

Wrash Heed has been delivering well curated musical pieces for a while now, and Juice and Gin is definitely his step higher. This EP has the capacity to change the mood of a space in minutes. It’ll get you dancing and grooving almost immediately, and you’ll be happier for it. There is a natural sensuous feel to all his music and we are here for it! We also appreciate the subtle nod to Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice. Wrash Heed really takes his time to curate succinct and comforting afro-pop pieces and lets you embrace the cultural nuances of his music.

Juice and Gin is music you should be drinking in and sharing with all your friends – preferably on the dance floor. Don’t miss out on Wrash Heed, because I’m definitely keeping my eye and my moves out for more music.

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