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Sunflower Summit - Do Nothing
Sunflower Summit - Do Nothing

Sunflower Summit – Do Nothing | Lazy Hanging Swing

Do Nothing,’ a cheerful catchy melody from Sunflower Summit, is out now. With the incorporation of claps in the arrangements, the mood is relaxed yet remained upbeat and lively. The melody combines folk, classical, and pop music styles in an unusual way. The songs may appear basic, but there are aspects and nuances in the arrangement that will keep you fascinated till the very last second. I’m really blown away by the vocal performance. Her speech is so natural that it makes her sound really genuine. This will cause the listeners to connect on a deeper level right away.

Sunflower Summit is a Chicago-based musician that makes music that makes you feel good. This is especially true when you see and hear his most recent piece, ‘Do Nothing.’ The songwriting is fantastic, and the clever arrangement ideas back it up beautifully. When you hear the entire arrangement, you get a sense of completion. She stayed true to the song’s spontaneous and natural flow. There is no unreasonable exhibition of abilities; rather, she prioritised fully justifying her song, which resulted in the vibe being consistent throughout.

Ultimately, the listening experience was enjoyable, and the aftertaste is incredible; the chorus, along with the soulful harmonies, lingers in your ears for quite some time. This impact will entice listeners to return to the music time and time again. It allows and justifies relaxing from time to time without feeling guilty.

We had the opportunity to speak with Sunflower Summit about the song, and she graciously took us through the process of creating it, as well as her influences and forthcoming releases.

Q) The Claps’ fun playing keeps us nodding along to the beats, despite the sounds being so personal. In terms of arrangements, how did you go about it?

I wanted the song to feel organic and lazy but well put together all at once. I recorded the claps myself, along with other hand percussion and sounds instead of sourcing these sounds elsewhere to give it a personal feel. Once I had a solid song structure, I had a lot of fun inviting instruments in and writing lines for them. I arrange in a very linear way, picking moments in the song to highlight in different ways.

Q) I’m extremely curious to learn where the song’s concept came from. Could you possibly tell me about the song’s origins?

Do Nothing was born from a place of immense exhaustion. At that point in my life I was busy 24/7 working really hard on my projects, and also living under a lot of stress relying solely on my freelance work for income. I didn’t feel like I was doing enough, or good enough, and wanted nothing more than to melt into a puddle and do absolutely nothing – just turn everything off.  The song is coated in negative self-talk – I wasn’t being kind to myself in my longing for a break, and I was treating this need with a lot of sarcasm. I’m in a different place now, and this song has become more fun for me, and a reminder of how it could be if I let myself fill my days with busywork.

Q) Please correct me if I’m wrong. I see that the picking patter depicts a voyage narrative. Is there any contemplation going on? The silences are also very important in building up the tune. Would you be willing to provide any insight on how you came up with such imaginative visuals in terms of songwriting?

The lyric video was made by this fantastic animator I found on fiverr. I provided some insight into what the song means to me, and they took it from there. I really believe they nailed it and did such a good job at matching the vibe and feel of the song. I think what always helps in these situations is having really descriptive lyrics, such as “I’ve been swimming in a cold pool” – this provides clear direction of what the visual should be.

Q) What was the experience like during the recording session? Any amusing stories from the studio you’d want to share?

“I recorded, produced, and mixed this all from the comfort of my home studio! I don’t really go to commercial studios anymore, I really like being able to do this myself at home. I can take my time where I want to, or go through it quickly without being judged. The most fun to record was the hand percussion – from clapping to snaps to just brushing my hands together, to foot stomping and blowing air into the mic – I’m so happy I got to do this! I’m not sure I would have felt comfortable being this silly at any other studio.

Q) Who inspires you? What styles of music have influenced you?

I listen to music from all over the place. My main influences for Do Nothing were The Weepies – something happy go lucky but ironically sad.

Q) So, what’s next? What are you hoping to explore in your upcoming songs?

My next release is called “Tired Soul”, and it will be out November 26th. This is a piano based song, decorated with synths and bells. I wrote this song on Christmas Day back in 2017, and each year this song becomes more important to me. It’s a very honest song that allows space to grieve and to feel hurt by the world around you without feeling shame or guilt for feeling the way you do. I think this is a good reminder as we head into holiday season – it’s not merry for everyone, and we need to allow space to simultaneously feel alive and joyful while processing the difficult emotions 2020 and 2021 have left us with. Both Do Nothing and Tired Soul are singles to my upcoming album, In This Moment, which is a collection of songs focused on giving attention and bringing light to every emotion I’ve experienced since the pandemic hit.

You can now listen to Sunflower Summit’s ‘Do Nothing‘ on Spotify!

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