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SINK - What Remains
SINK - What Remains

SINK – What Remains | Revolutionary

SINK is a London-based producer and composer. He creates organic textural pop tracks blurring the boundaries within his music. There’s a certain sense of fluidity to his music that just feels so natural. SINK has created soundtracks on brand advert campaigns such as Adidas Football’s X Speedflow. With that, SINK takes electronica to the next level, upping the game for producers all around the world.

What Remains is a fluidic track that sounds a bit like foley, but is carefully produced. It seems as though SINK has mastered the MIDI. What Remains has such a futuristic vibe to it. It almost feels like the track was created for a niche audience, but could definitely be enjoyed by any audience. I can totally imagine this playing along to AI art like that of Refik Anadol or Reeps One.

I’m such a fan of this kind of music. It makes me feel like I’m living in the future with the brilliantly quantized stabs and hits. The vocals are so smooth and could probably fit into the sequence in any way and still sound good. The melody line works brilliantly as if building and destroying like it is the master of the track. SINK has definitely revolutionised the way we create music with What Remains. The lyrics are thought-provoking, but the instrumental backing works so magnanimously, making everything around it sound beautiful.

If you’re into the future of music, stream What Remains today and add it to your playlists!

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Discovered via http://musosoup.com

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