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Rhynn-Конец детства
Rhynn-Конец детства
Rhynn-Конец детства

Rhynn-Конец детства | Drown in death

Rhynn are what I could describe as a hidden gem from Russia. Their new album is called Конец детства, which translates to End of Childhood in English. Though it might have a much more poignant effect in their mother tongue, this music like all music, transcends languages. It is a 4-track sonic nuke ready to obliterate any surface is lands on, including your eardrums. Now enough jibber-jabber, let’s get into it.

Intro with a sandstorm of fire

Opening strong with a melodic death metal bomb, Время Расплаты is the first track. It is as the name suggests, reckoning time, and the answer is a 5-minute-long hellfire that will glue you to your seats but blow your brains out. Abakar Ibragimov & Max Sokolov strafe out guitar riffs that don’t depend on djent with passion and energy unknown, while Igor Butz & Mike Ponomarev keep the rhythm steady with monolith bass and drums respectively.

I don’t think it’s possible to start a death metal band without an insanely talented drummer, so let’s not overshadow the others. Vocalist Rita Fevraleva channels the fury of fire and lays down some impeccable vocals with a fry scream that is distinct through all the insane riffage. Song number one plastered across with carnage level zeal.

Сказки is the second track on the album, which translates to fairy tales. It must be a superb metaphor because once again Rhynn show us what channeled vilified energy can do. Capitalizing on some fantastic on point drumming by Ponomarev, this song showcases more of the band than any song could. It has a great beat, which isn’t an unforgiving blast beat hiding a lot of the trash that goes on sometimes.

The guitar solos are *chef’s kiss* and know what they’re doing as they’re phrased. The spacing on these songs has been done with great care. The second half of the song, maybe around after the 4-minute mark shows completely new territory. However, it is navigated with sniper like precision, holding the djent part as well as the silence that they can persevere.

A treasure chest of fortune

Шуб​-​Ниггурат is the third track, with Rita shining through like the beast she is. Might as well tell the rest that they’re laying down a pedestal for her to launch off of. Shub-Niggurath is an energetic number chock-full of interesting solos and bends just arriving in time to save a wave of monotony hitting the song. Infant Annhilator & Between the Buried & Me styles are spread out effectually very well across this superb number.

Конец детства, the title track is what all of this has been about. With a slower piano intro that leaves enough reverb for mystery, we change vehicles for the new style and approach. The blast beats are back and the ballasts are open. Crazy drum pattern, absolutely loved the hook. Their insane passion is an inspiration to the kind of zest you need to have for making this kind of music. Rhynn’s guitar enjoy that Marty Freidman style playing around and teasing, which their solos do, as well as Mille Petrozza’s (Kreator) crafty and quick solos.

Rhynn have set a benchmark for themselves with this debut EP. It has all that it must take, essentially take to make a death metal band. Their songs don’t rely on the noise of any of the instruments to hide poor work or less effort. Each song has been mastered by the band before putting on this album, Конец детства is a beginning of a precarious and potentially polarizing chapter in the band’s life.

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