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Gulf Stream Riders - Sharks, Aliens, Etc.
Gulf Stream Riders - Sharks, Aliens, Etc.

Gulf Stream Riders – Sharks, Aliens, Etc. | Jumps of Joy

‘Sharks, Aliens, Etc.’ by Gulf Stream Riders is a lively new song. You will surely wriggle your toes as you press the play button since the song absolutely uplifts you. This is a tune that will make you leap for pleasure. Listening to the intensity in the vocal performance is just mind-blowing. There isn’t a single second of silence, and the intensity level continues to rise as the song progresses.

Chris Anderson (vocals) and Nalle Ahlstedt, alias Gulf Stream Riders, are former members of the hard rock band “Wighthouse Wanderland,” who had a record contract (Warner Music) in Scandinavia and played the clubs in LA as “BURN.” After a long separation, during which Chris studied in New York and Nalle worked as a writer for musicians all over the world, they reconnected to pursue their long-held passion of recording country music.

The modern guitar slide builds the groundwork for the song’s energy to rise from the first snap. The drums employ the intervals between the voices to great effect, emphasising the pauses. The lyrical content is superb. With the right swings throughout, the chorus will make you go insane on the dance floor. The song’s clever tempo selection, along with the quick vocal melody, allows it to keep its enthusiasm and mood until the very final second.

 Seeing this song performed live will be a memorable encounter. This will undoubtedly be added to my playlist. It immediately lifts you up and prepares you to face the daily grind with a positive attitude.

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