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Cindy-Louise-My Fantasy
Cindy-Louise-My Fantasy
Cindy-Louise-My Fantasy

Cindy-Louise-My Fantasy | Halloween Thrills

Cindy-Louise summons the ghosts to play for her new single, My Fantasy. It is right on time for the Halloween week, so it has all the spooks and scares with a mystifying theme to get you in the spirit. She alters her voice quality in spectacular fashion and molds herself in a horror adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

Primarily leading with her powerful voice, Cindy-Louise sets the cobwebs out so that the ghouls know its safe to party. The haunting synths aid her in the process, her operatic voice summoning whatever the perils and sinners might be. No need for tricks or treating-this aims to be a bone chilling soprano to follow.

For a person who chalks out the boundaries of themes, Cindy-Louise seems to have done a fantastic job in her career. All her singles have a singular motive and see her convert passionately by lyrics or melody. In this case, the minor scale wraparound makes it exactly what she would have intended. She is a very talented vocalist who showcases her pipes on Femme Fatale & Rise Up as well. Her album Humanity, from 2020, is a vocalist pride in prowess and she must be proud of what she has delivered.

Listen to the spooky synthesis that is My Fantasy here:

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