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Carbon Memory - Rumours
Carbon Memory - Rumours

Carbon Memory – Rumours | Are they true?

Rumours is the latest single from Carbon Memory, from their latest EP called Tourist. It is a moody, alt-rock song that ranges from acoustic sounding during the first verse, to an all-encompassing soundscape that consumes the listener afterward. The vocals featured on the track are soft and deep. They complement the contemplative lyrics that are credited with building the band its reputation

As the track starts the melody tells you this is going to be an intriguing, story of beguilement. The track Rumour has a beat reminiscent of early 2000’s pop, but the careful instrumental set up, the gentle guitar riffs that blend into the synth, and the piano that consistently gives the song structure. Further, the lyrics delve into what changes the character of a person. The singer wonders if the rumours are true — the lies and turned heads are what lead to one’s success. And if that is the case, how much authority does a person have to choose their own path to their ambitions?

Carbon Memory is a Toronto based alt-rock band, known for their haunting melodies and soundscapes. Their music works almost magically with their lyrics which explore varying themes, and human conditions. They are thought provoking and profound, and yet accepting of one’s reality. 

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