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Olivia Rubini - Be Well (B Side)
Olivia Rubini - Be Well (B Side)

Olivia Rubini – Be Well (B Side) | Invincible in Isolation

Olivia Rubini‘s latest song, “Be Well (B Side)“, has a greater performance from her. She is incrementally establishing her own place and identity in her voice. Olivia has been continually working on her skill, which can be heard in her most recent song , Be Well (B Side). The songwriting is evolved, yet it is incredibly entertaining for listeners to sing along with. The peppy production will undoubtedly cause us to tap our feet to the correct beats.

The guitar melodies are fun in terms of arrangement, and there are a few elements from country music that add interest. The percussions are well synchronised with the drum and snare combination. The crooning ethereal harmonies add to the song’s nice tone. Though the lyrics may be about feeling isolated, the arrangement has multiple layers that add to the record’s overall vigour. In some ways, it’s a liberating manner of articulation. The incorporation of such ideas into the acoustic design leaves a greater critical impact. The guitar solos/counterparts beneath the vocal harmonies sound fantastic towards the conclusion.

The intensity level remained steady throughout the song. There was never a dull moment or any sensation of the arrangement being disrupted. I hope that listeners give the song a chance and that it hits the core immediately.

Olivia Rubini’s ‘Be Well (B Side)’ is now streaming on Spotify!

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