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GAZ - Watergazed
GAZ - Watergazed

GAZ – Watergazed | Classy

GAZ is a three-piece group of friends from Barcelona who love everything there is to do with music. The trio formed over 20 years ago, undergoing various band member changes, but have kept the heart and soul of GAZ going. Josep, Jordi and Albert each pull their own weight in the band, contributing in their own ways. The trio like to use exciting riffs, loose rhythms and smooth lyrics. With the release of their latest album, Watergazed, comes 8 new tracks that keep the spirit alive. Having a run time of a little under 24 minutes, Watergazed is phenomenal.

Starting the album off with I’m Against It, we’re met with an explosive intro. The track has some pretty old school rock vibes going with a guitar line that sounds a lot like that of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The vocals have a beautiful texture that has you on your feet. The rhythm section keeps things loose and free. All in all, it’s a brilliant intro to the album. We make our way into Fashionable Hedonism. This track has GAZ written all over it. It has loose riffs that fit into the track superbly. The funky guitar work along with what sounds like a saxophone in the background is outstanding! Additionally, the song has this classy smoothness to it that has you moving along to the music. There is just something so upbeat and happy about the music that it keeps you engaged throughout.

Moving on to Just A Lie, we have a relatively calmed down track that sort of reminds me of Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who. The most impressive part of this track has got to be how the rhythm flows so dynamically. Moreover, the licks and riffs that cut in every now and then really highlight the beauty of the track. I’m a huge fan of the backing vocals that sound so classically rock. We, then, move into Something To Find – a track that keeps the GAZ spirit up with hard rock. I can’t help but compare this track to other smooth-flowing rock classics. It seems that GAZ has taken a huge amount of influence from the classic rock scene. The track feels like when KISS still had Ace Frehley – an absolute joy.

We then reach Stinging Like A Bee. This track has such a smooth flow to it that it definitely stands apart from most rock music. I love the bluesy scale, and how classy that organ sounds. Additionally, the vocals are pretty husky, giving me a bit of a Kid Rock vibe. I love that scale changes in the track, it changes the style of the track a bit but works so well. the guitar solo, as with the other solos, absolutely melts my heart. There’s a bit of a Pink Floyd and The Doors vibe going on in the middle, that really speaks to the listener. However, the GAZ spirit of class and style kicks back in.

Till The Sun Comes Up is a good track to slow things down on the album. It feels like the palate cleanser towards the end. It keeps things fresh and has a very smooth effect on you. The harmonies and backing vocals really hit you deep. It’s the song that shakes things up in the most splendid way. GAZ has pulled off a pretty solid album and this track seems to wrap that up in a neat little bundle.

The last two tracks on the album, Things I Say and Dear Marie kick things back up into high gear. It feels a lot more Country Folksy. I absolutely dig the vibe, it reminds me of songs my dad used to listen to when I was a kid. There’s something so refreshing about it all.

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