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Terry K 3TL-To A Friend (A Celebration of Life)
Terry K 3TL-To A Friend (A Celebration of Life)
Terry K 3TL-To A Friend (A Celebration of Life)

Terry K 3TL-To A Friend (A Celebration of Life) | A Dedication

A lot of music is poetry in motion. I have truly believed this, and some of the best songs are the simplest tones of the same color. George Harrison’s Something is a track that grounds me to the purity of music. Terry K 3TL is a collaborative that just guide lyrics on a magic carpet, from the instrument to your ears. Their new single is called To A Friend ( A Celebration of Life) and it creates a vacuum from time to admire someone they truly love.

With the simple acoustic creating a rich sphere of timbre, Terry sings as strings and natural, wood instruments create the warmth a song like this requires. No frills, whistles or bells, this song is an ode and testament to someone who loved music, and music loved them. It is plain in delivery, just the gently sung lyrics floating across while the gentle instruments create a cinematic view of what is a fitting tribute.

This might be Terry K 3TL in their asolute best of performance and years of experience. They know how to put across an idea with utmost clarity, and that is what can be seen and heard. You might be only be able to listen to this one track on Spotify for now, but I’m sure more are to come. The aura of passion chimes with their zest and zeal for life. For this, and for their friend’s.

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