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Mojo Dingo
Mojo Dingo

Mojo Dingo – Mojo Dingo | Electric energy

Mojo Dingo is an Adelaide, Australia-based band that just released its self-titled album. The album is a celebration of funk and lighthearted blues. Comprising of seven songs, the album Mojo Dingo has a runtime of about twenty-seven minutes.  Furthermore, all the tracks are a combination of drums, percussion, and the guitar. The band comprises frontman and vocalist Gerrard Allman, guitarist William Burke, with Peter Kershaw on the drums, and Stephen McInerney as the bassist.

The tracks on Mojo Dingo leverage a nostalgic synth to give you that 80’s funk vibe. Leveraging instruments from the sax to electric guitar, the funky melodies keep you entertained. The bluesy beats, on the other hand, lend themselves to an energetic, country vibe.

The album Mojo Dingo

Mojo Blues is the first song on the album, and opens up the LP on a bright and exciting note. After forty-five seconds of a captivating instrumental, the singer sings of his blues, but here’s the thing — Mojo blues never seem to be a downer!

Make Me Feel This Way is highlighted with its incredible high electric guitar solo which is as funky as it can get. The same melody contrast’s Allman’s voice during the verses, and the drums keep having their own moments too.

Then comes Lookin’ Back, and this one is a summery song – with the whole wind blowing sounds and all that. It feels like something you’d find on the radio at a beach shack where youngsters hang out when school is out.

On My Mind marks the mid-point of the album. And it is a jazzy number, complete with the sax and its playful tiff with the electric guitar. With a slower pace for this one, the song becomes moody and sexy. The respective solos that both the saxophone and electric strings get on this song are incredible. The bridge is nothing but a long instrumental. The layered, profound music transports you to a bar where you’d be listening to Mojo Dingo play this after you’ve had a heartbreak!

Jump Up follows after the last with a disco-esque opening, another minute-long opening which is what I’ve come to expect. But hey, this one is just an instrumental! It will get you grooving and tapping your feet right away!

Harder Days is the penultimate track on the album, and it springs to life with the drums! Allman’s voice hits your ears again on this one, and you come back to reality. It uses a catchy tune to sing of something as simple as working harder to make more money, and that’s the trip you’ll take with this one.

Lastly, Born Under a Bad Sign is a ‘flat out’ rendition of Albert King’s 1967 classic. Not doing justice to this soul-blues staple was not even an option, and Mojo Dingo delivered on the promise. For the uninitiated, it is an exciting number with great technical skill. And for the devout, it is a little surprise to brighten their day!

In conclusion,

The long-standing quartet has long blown the socks off of the Australian audience. Their debut album was long due and highly anticipated, but the fans knew it would be stellar and so it was. It captures the same vibrance and energy that the band’s performances have a reputation for. Further, Allman’s vocals remind me of my beloved indie jazz artist Lifafa with their husky baritone. The band balances a harmonious symphony of the instruments throughout the album, and creates a high-spirited atmosphere for the listeners.

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