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DrEw - An Empty Place
DrEw - An Empty Place

DrEw – An Empty Place | Spring Window

DrEw is a Manchester-based indie musician whose latest album, ‘An Empty Place,’ is full of fresh thoughts. The content is deep, yet the vibrant tune maintains a great balance. The words aren’t difficult for us to grasp, yet he’s managed to link deep significant ideas with such ease. He currently makes his home on the southeast coast, where he composes and records music.

The first song, ‘An Empty Place,’ which is also the title track, starts off with just the appropriate beat for us to groove to. The songs are free and unconstrained. The chorus is quite infectious, and it fades in and out with ease because to the great guitar strumming pattern. The drums and percussions are so tightly synchronised that the experience never becomes monotonous. The bridge is the music’s highlight, as the crescendo leading up to the section flawlessly settles on the portion, and with a slight variation of the drum rhythm and the addition of chants like vocals, the tune comes to a great conclusion. Such a lovely arrangement, and the ideal way to begin the album.

The bass notes in the second song, ‘My Turn,’ have such personality and are so important to the music. It’s been a while since we’ve heard a song with such effective use of bass. This is, without a doubt, my favourite song on the album. The lyrics in the verses and chorus is outstanding, and the entire acoustic atmosphere of the arrangement is in perfect harmony with the song. The incorporation of the swelling Pads textures gives it an alternative rock sound at frequent intervals, and the entire atmosphere becomes a bit intense. In some ways, the song becomes more colourful as it proceeds toward its conclusion, and the mood becomes a little more strong. It’s been a fantastic creative adventure. Despite having slightly deeper tones, the tune appears to be laid back and joyful at places. All praises for the fantastic rhythm arrangements.

Rescue‘ develops over time in you. In reality, the arrangement is quite well thought out, beginning with the strumming sequence, then gradually adding the E. Piano, and then the forceful vocal opening, which creates the proper tone for the song. You’re already in the mood and ready to appreciate the piece as the drums start playing. As we advance, we get lovely horn counterpoints that are surely emphasising the proper emotion with the precise harmony notes. So far, the CD has been a joy to listen to. The vocal delivery has a vintage blues feel to it. This is such an emotion – focused coping song yet it manages to maintain the mood mild while putting the message through with ease. We’d undoubtedly sing along with the chorus when the song comes to a close.

The Bluebird,’ the final tune, is groovy. The proper combination of rhythm and melody would instantly connect with the listeners. DrEw kept the arrangement simple, but if you listen closely, you’ll see the layers underlying. There is a considerable amount of work performed there. The solos and interludes are well-placed in the arrangement. It provides the ideal break in the song’s structure. When it gets to the guitar outro, it gracefully sums up the entire album. In a nutshell, listening to ‘An Empty Place’ was a pleasure cruise. It strikes the ideal balance between simplicity and intensity.

Listen to DrEw’s latest album, “An Empty Place” on Spotify. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.

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