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Stumble Steady – Don’t Need Me | Break free

Boca Raton, Florida-based indie-pop act, Stumble Steady, recently released a laid-back alternative track called “Don’t Need Me”. The frontman of the band, Garrett Kealer, explores the themes of strife in the modern world in unconventional ways, blending elements of lo-fi, folk, punk, and bedroom pop. While having a positive attitude toward mental health, he hopes to end the stigma and stereotypes that surround OCD.

If you’re looking for song to fit the mood of your mellow Sunday afternoon, then look no further. “Don’t Need Me” is mainly driven by a bright acoustic guitar that plays over the entire duration of the track, featuring a few melodic leads fillers that sound great! With mellow keyboards, a simple drum beat, and a fitting bass, the track primarily has an acoustic sound that helps the strong vocals stand out. I think Garrett’s positive view on mental health is what makes the melancholic lyrics sound playful and relatable. – “Do you worry about the chances you might waste? This depression is in session and I don’t wanna be alone right now”. The dynamic of the track changes as it progresses, and the instruments generally become louder and more energetic, accompanying his powerful voice and making the track all the more enjoyable.

“Don’t Need Me” captures what it is like to suffer from anxiety or depression from the perspective of the individual. Some people prefer being left alone, with no one to disturb them, though that’s not always the best approach. As Garrett sings the chorus – “Please don’t let me be alone right now / I don’t need me right now” – he emphasizes the necessity of changing and moving on to get rid of disappointment and come out stronger. The optimism in the track is what I think will stay with the listener. Stumble Steady’s humble attempt to create a song that focuses on the important topic of mental health turned out to be a well-composed track with beautiful lyrics. I’m confident their music will be well received by listeners and I’m eager to hear what more they have in store for their fans!

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