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Mike Masser-The Phoenix
Mike Masser-The Phoenix
Mike Masser-The Phoenix

Mike Masser-The Phoenix | The Prodigal Rebirth

Mike Masser has lived different lives in music before this rebirth you see before you. That is probably why he rises like his song title, The Phoenix, as a prodigal axe-wielding frontman who has always had music as a calling. His new song is a testament to the love of music and the art of composing itself, which Mike doesn’t seem to have lost a sense of.

With ringing open strings, Massers parts the drapes to what will be an abode of symphony. His song has sounds inspired from the dark, riff diluted, lyrically heavy depths of Soundgarden and more recently Mastodon. The chorus section is especially unmistakably like the latter, and that is something Mike has been able to achieve single-handedly.

With spaced out verses and guitar parts, each riff or hook is left to breathe and morph into what the moment demands. It dips into what could be called dark for a riff, from your Sabbath songwriting book, to even the Petty style of happiness. Mike Masser has brilliantly placed this track as an opener for his new album, True Grit.

Churning from the chasms of the passion he has for music, this single track can probably transcend genres. The message is clear and the song is powerful. Listen to his powerful track, The Phoenix here:

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