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FRNDS AS CMPNY – White Flag | Surrender

London-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, FRNDS AS CMPNY, is an electronic indie pop artist with a bold and confident musical style. His debut single, “White Flag,” released in 2020, was the precursor to his debut five-track EP that was recently shared, with the same name. Featuring mellow electronics, reminiscent of songs by M83, this track comprises of synth-driven melodies and a catchy chorus. 

What makes “White Flag” an enjoyable listen is the simplicity in its production. Right from the start of the track, a bass arpeggio is introduced to accompany subtle vocals along with hard-hitting drums. It seems as though he’s singing about betrayal, from a place of frustration, and he’s channeled this feeling in his vocals well. A white flag is generally used as a symbol of surrender or truce, and on the track, there’s a lot of emphasis given on these words that are repetitively sung throughout. Perhaps he is so disenchanted with the fight he is in that he’s given up and now all he wants to know is when it will end – just what I’m assuming from his words. – “Hate to see you alive but I’d hate to see you dead / Love to see you alive but I hate to see you win / These battles and wars and all this mortal sin / The truth comes out in the end”.

As the song progresses, subtle strings and a harsh grand piano is introduced, mainly in the breakdown sections. I really liked the short bar pauses before the drop sections here; a lot of tension builds up by doing so, and in my opinion, this helps the listener feel the prominence of the chorus melody much more. It’s nice how nothing is too cluttered in the mix and the song is very easy on the ears, almost doesn’t feel like its over three-minutes long! “White Flag”, just with one listen, has the tendency to absorb the listener’s attention and when compared to the high energy electronic tracks we are exposed to nowadays, this track has a more calming vibe , so do give it a listen!

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