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Cassa Jackson - I Don't Like It When You Talk About Her
Cassa Jackson - I Don't Like It When You Talk About Her

Cassa Jackson – I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her | Lovers and Troubles

With her blasting fire record ‘I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her’, Cassa Jackson focuses on the heated breakup debate. Her songwriting is uncomplicated, and it immediately touches your core. The production is peppy, and the correct chord voicing creates the appropriate tension and resolution for the compositions. The plan is effective, yet it’s massively successful. The themes are never crowded, and the sonic design is distinct and precise, allowing listeners to appreciate the music without being distracted.

Dynamo vocalist Cassa Jackson is your favourite singer-songwriter when it comes to realistic, feisty love tunes. Her vocal delivery is smooth and constant, she recognises what she’s doing. She effortlessly bends her to each and every tune. It demonstrates how focused she was as she executed each song’s performance. Cassa’s strong and diverse vocal skills gave each song its distinct personality. Exceptionally Outstanding!

To begin, the first song, ‘I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her,’ has simple and direct words. Her album’s theme is adequately conveyed in the first song. Her favourite component of writing songs about relationships is the stress and anguish that comes with breaking up with someone. When we talked about the origin of your new EP, ‘I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her,’ she said the same thing.

“This EP is mainly full of sassy breakup songs detailing in an upbeat way the frustration and sadness that comes with the end of a relationship. Having said that, the title track ‘I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her’ is actually about being stuck in the friend zone and liking someone that likes someone else!”

The Piano chords at the beginning of the song remained with me in terms of production, since they evoke a really contemplative feeling in you. The drums sample is a great fit for the arrangement. The funky guitar leaks keep the listeners hooked and active while conveying a strong message. ‘Crossroad’ is the album’s best-arranged tune, with the sounds flowing in lockstep with the lyrics. The silences and voids are held in such high regard. Despite the sorrow in the atmosphere, it nevertheless sounds uplifting and optimistic. It might be because the chorus’s delicate voice production and the special effects blend in so well with the entire soundscape.

We also discussed the song’s production components and whether or not it was a conscious attempt to keep the production upbeat. Cassa remarked,

“Yes! In fact I wrote ‘Love’s A Losing Battle’ specifically for the JLS arena tour as it’s so upbeat and dancey. While JLS are singing love songs, my songs document the stage in life with the emotional ups and downs before you find ‘Eternal love’. I think it’s sometimes important to have upbeat production underpinning these slightly sad ideas as it is empowering.”

The third track, ‘I Don’t Need This Right Now,’ raises the excitement level of the album. The chorus is strong and effective. In reality, the bridge is rather appealing. The transitions are smooth, and the song’s tension is raised by excellent vocal harmonies. When questioned about some behind-the-scenes details regarding the recording sessions, Cassa also revealed some details.

“I recorded lots of these songs remotely from my bedroom because it was during covid and my producer lives in France so we’d write and record over Facetime which was always interesting! I remember one song ‘I Don’t Need This Right Now’ I recorded in my bedroom at Bristol university and my flatmates wanted to kill me because it was a tiny flat with thin walls and they were trying to revise for exams but they had to listen to me belt ‘AND SO I’M THINKING I DON’T NEED THIS RIGHT NOWWWWW’ at the top of my lungs for the afternoon aha! At least they know the words now!”

‘Love’s A Losing Battle’ is a colourful and vibrant song. The technique was also described by Cassa in the previous response. Though the feelings are genuine and honest, the joyful production creates a contrast between the desired sentiment and the actual experience, resulting in the intended paradox. In its entirety, it is very witty and clever. Cassa also talked about how she went about composing the songs for the album. She said,

“I wrote these songs when I was going through a breakup, so all the emotions were incredibly raw. Writing these songs was a cathartic exercise as it helped me process my feelings and get over the breakup. I hope that it helps anyone listening to these songs too!”

She eloquently sums up the entire theme of the album with the metaphor in her final tune, ‘Knives.’ Her abrasive vocal delivery is thrilling, and her ever-increasing swells are nerve-wracking. The mood components, especially the synth bottom, and the gripping rhythm, further add to the record’s richness. 

She also talked about her musical influences and how they influenced her style towards to the conclusion.

“Lyrically, both Julia Michaels and Adele are huge inspirations to me. Their songs are like stories and are very open, honest and vulnerable which is why people relate to them so well. I really think strength is born out of vulnerability.”

Miley Cyrus is also a major inspiration vocally. Her tone is so unique and I love all her songs, if I ever get to meet her it would be a dream come true!

After watching JLS perform last night on stage, they are certainly perfect role-models in terms of how to captivate a crowd with their epic dance moves and fabulous energy.”

She added as we talked about her next tracks and how the reception to this album has been, “The response has already been absolutely amazing! The song made it onto my first ever Spotify Editorial playlist ‘New Pop UK’ which I personally listen to the whole time so that was awesome. I hope more people find my music so that they can relate to it and have fun listening and dancing along. 

I’ve got a new song called ‘I’m Okay Until I Think’ which is going to be my next release. It’s got Spanish reggaeton undertones to the beat which is something I’ve always wanted to do having lived in Spain (Madrid) for six months. It’s all about that point after a breakup when you’re sort of over it and most of the time you’re fine until something reminds you of them (but all hidden under a catchy upbeat feel good pop song!). Next year I’m hoping to release my debut album and hopefully do my own tour!”

Listen to Cassa Jackson’s ‘I Don’t Like It When You Talk About Her’ on Spotify right now!

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