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Taylor Roche - Sucker For A Lonely Heart
Taylor Roche - Sucker For A Lonely Heart

Taylor Roche – Sucker For A Lonely Heart | A lover from down under

Sucker For A Lonely Heart by Taylor Roche is a 80’s-synth-inspired pop song. It explores love, the end of relationships, and how the two people involved often take it very differently. Yet, the song’s warm quality and light footed beats make it something you would totally dance to.

Taylor Roche is a New Zealander who has toured through Miami, New Orleans, Orlando, and more. He was even the frontman for a nine person music group in the Caribbean, put together for one of the world’s biggest cruise line corporation.  Since he has been back to Auckland after the start of the pandemic, he has turned a new leaf for his music. He has been collaborating with many other artists to explore new themes and styles. His new music retains his sonic style of retro-pop influences combined with contemporary synth and pop sounds. 

Sucker For A Lonely Heart is Taylor Roche getting into an interesting space. Of falling in love despite the one-sided-ness of it. Just like there is a thrill in the chase, there is a sadistic thrill to being heartbroken when you know your feelings aren’t requited. However, the music that this young musician pairs this with is reminiscent of Rick Astley’s. And you tell me how is that not the definition of young love?

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