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Maddie Park – fantasy | Passion

If you’ve been following Korean American singer-songwriter Maddie Park’s work, you’re going to love her latest release, “fantasy”! Earlier this month, she released an emotional r&b track with a similar flavor titled, “pink moon”. Born and raised in the South Bay area of California, she spent most of her childhood singing, and her love of music led her to participate in choirs and musical theatre from a young age. In her lyricism, you can hear the influence of artists such as SZA, Ariana Grande, NIKI, and Jhené Aiko; heartfelt words and catchy melodies drive her tracks.

“fantasy” begins with a melancholic four-bar guitar progression that is looped throughout the track, setting the mood for Maddie’s passionate lyrics. Hard-hitting beats kick in along with a simplistic bassline over which she sings about her fantasy. It seems she’s talking about someone she’s crushing on; hence the sultry vocals and playful lyrics. “I got your number in my phone I won’t call it, your picture in my head but never in my wallet, I keep you close to the fantasy, keep you distant for your own safety”.

The song has a certain grandeur to it. Lush vocals and rich harmonies over a simple yet powerful beat drive the 2:37 minute-long track. From her other releases, it is evident that her songs don’t usually have excessive instrumentation and the simple approach to its production is what makes her music appealing. Recorded at Thor Recording Studio, the quality of the mix is top-notch (shoutout @danielfromyesterday -IG), and the engineers have done a wonderful job working with Maddie on “fantasy”.

With her third release this year, Maddie has already made her mark in LA’s r&b music scene with her beautifully composed songs and relatable lyrics. As I’ve mentioned before, her unique voice and songwriting abilities help her to stand out from the crowd, and I am confident that her songs have the potential to reach a wide audience and soon!

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