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Alexia Rev – Drop Down | Anti-genre

Paris-born, New York City-raised, and Los Angeles-based artist Alexia Rev, recently released her second single titled, “Drop Down”. The eclectic mix that she has cultivated over the years led her to love making music that doesn’t align with any particular genre, and she mainly concentrates on making songs that have the primary essence of “the groove,” as she says.

“Drop Down” begins with Alexia’s sultry vocals that right from the start sound very pleasing to the ears. An energetic EDM beat and a funky bassline accompany her attractive voice, setting a slightly dark mood of the track that at the same time is very danceable. I’d enjoy listening to this in a club post-midnight, and you probably will too! With fitting harmonies and a bunch of processed vocals that are present throughout, “Drop Down” seems to get more addictive with every listen due to the infectious melodies.

Alexia categorizes herself as an “anti-genre” musician and that is very evident in the 3:50 minute-long track. Combining elements of pop, funk, r&b and even classic rock, she has focused a lot on creating a sound that’s unique and true to her heart. It is her intention that her music should leave a lasting impression on listeners through her powerful melodies and eclectic compositions. On “Drop Down”, her vocal runs are seamless! It seems as if she is channeling a slight frustration through her vocals, as is evident from her strong voice and lyrics.

Alexia started putting out music in 2021, and this is her second release this year. Her debut single, “Lemonade” was well-received by listeners, and has a very different vibe as compared to “Drop Down”. Featuring genre-transcending fusions and catchy melodies, Alexia seems to be making waves in the pop scene in Los Angeles already and I’m confident she will do very well in her future endeavors.

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