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Thought Theory - Someone You’re Not
Thought Theory - Someone You’re Not

Thought Theory – Someone You’re Not | God’s honest truth

Someone You’re Not is the freshest release from artist Thought Theory. The song has an electronic production with a funky vibe. It also has a trippy quality thanks to its mellow beats, and instrumental breaks with soft synth. The song talks about accepting your truth and living your own truth. 

“Being yourself is the hardest thing when you don’t know who you are,” says Though Theory.

Exploring the theme of pretending to be someone other than yourself, the track benefits from its dreamy production. It allows for uncertainty and anxiety to co-exist with the desire to be one’s true self. This is further clarified when the singer sings that he wants to be himself and not someone else. As he describes it himself, this is with a strong intention: to allow conversation about mental health be out in the open. He is making obvious references to complicated emotions, and his inability to control them.

The song has two verses, each followed by a chorus. The sonic highlight is definitely the bridge that comes after, and leads to the last chorus that ends the song. This instrumental break creates a hopeful environment. And the chorus that follows suggests that the singer has found his voice to scream and shout. At long last, now he will be himself – unapologetically. 

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