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Ceeko - Mental (Feat. DHEM)
Ceeko - Mental (Feat. DHEM)

Ceeko – Mental | Old School Groove

Ceeko is a Melbourne-based R&B singer-songwriter and producer. His silky vocals make it feel like he puts barely any effort into his music. Influenced by the golden era of R&B, the late 90s and early 2000s, Ceeko adds a distinctly modern twist in his Neo-Soul vocals. An artist who sounds like Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, Trae Songz, and Jason Derulo all wrapped up in one seductive artist, he takes the R&B scene up a level.

Working with the collaborating artist, DHEM, Mental is a track that would appeal to the nostalgic formative years of my life when everyone was on about R&B. The beats in the track are starkly old school, with a simply minimalistic backing beat, Ceeko does such a brilliant job with his lyrics. His vocals on the track just melt my soul – primarily because the music takes me back to good times. The vocal harmonies will definitely cure some sadness almost as well as Kid Cudi’s well-known hum.

When you’re in the mood with your significant other, I would, without the shadow of a doubt, recommend turning on Mental. It’s just the vibe that R&B creates. Let the Soul take away any feelings of sadness, and give in to the sweetness that is Ceeko.

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